Pay It Forward Membership Agreement

Revolution Studio + Wellness Bar is using an auto debit feature to handle your payments, so at time of your initial sign up you’ll be good to go!

Once the first three (3) months of your Pay It Forward Membership have passed, you can choose to continue with monthly auto-renewal payments or you can cancel your membership; it’s up to you.

As a perk of your membership you will receive

● 10% off of Wellness Bar purchases (excluding coffee, espresso, lattes, tea and kombucha). Discount will be applied at time of purchase

● 10% off of special events + workshops. Discount will be applied at time of purchase

● Special treat on your birthday

By purchasing this three (3) month unlimited contract-

(a) I agree to purchase as an automatic charge to my credit card each month for an initial contract period of three (3) months.

(b) I hereby certify that I am the holder of the credit card

(c) I understand that I will be notified if my credit card, debit card or checking account payment fails to authorize for any reason, and that a $10 late fee will apply if I do not provide a valid credit card within 10 calendar days of the original rejection date.

(d) I understand that my service will be deactivated if my account becomes more than 30 calendar days late.

(e) I understand that I will have three (3) days after signing this agreement to cancel my membership for any reason without penalty, by following the procedures described in “Consumers’ Right to Cancellation,” below. Once the three-day cancellation period ends, I will have the right to cancel if I experience one of the situations described in “Additional Rights to Cancellation” described below.

(f) I understand that after the initial three-month membership period ends, my monthly payments for unlimited classes will automatically continue until I request cancellation. After the initial three-month term, I will not be obligated to continue my membership for any period of time. We request that you submit your cancelation notice in writing via email by the 15th of the month for the following month to ensure cancellation of future payments.